Classification & Compensation : Annual Classification Survey

About the Classification Survey

The Enabling Act of the State of Alabama requires that all positions in the Merit System be reviewed by the Personnel Board of Jefferson County (PBJC) at least once every five years to assure that employees have been assigned to appropriate classifications. The intent of the survey is to validate classifications and identify any employees who are performing duties that are significantly different from their classification. The Survey is not intended to address the normal functions of business operations that may occur at anytime, including pay issues within classifications, reclassification of employees, promotion of employees or other organizational changes. This review is called the “Survey”.

PBJC will use the Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ) to collect information on each position. An employee in the survey, simply logs onto the Merit Matters website and the JAQ is populated with the job duties, knowledge, skills and abilities on file with the PBJC for the employee’s classification. The employee provides feedback regarding the accuracy of the information and adds information as necessary or as prompted by the form. The JAQ is then electronically routed, for review and comment, to the employee’s supervisor, department head, Appointing Authority and finally to the PBJC for final review.

Some, but not all, positions will be audited. An audit is an on-site interview with an employee. Audits are conducted to validate information provided on the JAQ and to gather additional information that might be needed to determine whether an employee is properly classified.

The end result of the Survey process is a determination by the PBJC as to whether the duties performed by any particular employee are consistent with his or her classification or are substantially more consistent with another classification in the Merit System. If it is determined that an employee is not properly classified, a recommendation will be made as to a more appropriate classification. If an employee disagrees with the recommendation by the PBJC, they may appeal that recommendation. The decision of the PBJC, following review of an employee’s appeal, is final.

If the final determination is to reclassify the position occupied by an employee, the employee must meet the eligibility requirements for the new class and their name must be on the Eligibility List. They may be temporarily or provisionally appointed to the position if their name is not on the Eligibility List or if an Eligibility List does not exist. See Rules and Regulations Section 7.7 “Reallocation of Positions”. An Appointing Authority always has the discretion to remove the duties that caused the employee to be reclassified, so that the position classification remains unchanged and any incumbent employee unaffected.

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