Quick Glance Procedures

This Guide is intended as a quick procedural reference for processing personnel actions. Should there be any discrepancy between this document and the Rules and Regulations of the Personnel Board of Jefferson County, the Rules and Regulations shall be the controlling document.
ViewAdd, Change, Delete, or Move Budgeted Positions
ViewAdministrative Interns [Rule 11.3(c)]
ViewAdvanced Step Requests [Rule 8.2(b)]
ViewAnnexation/New Jurisdiction
ViewChange in Employment Status FT to PT, PT to FT
ViewCreating/Combining Departments
ViewDate Definitions as Used in Lawson
ViewDemotion, Disciplinary [Rule 12.2]
ViewDemotion, Reduction in Force [Rule 11.12]
ViewDemotion, Voluntary [Rule 11.7]
ViewDisability Rehire/Reassignment [Rule 13.23]
ViewEmergency Appointments [Rule 11.3(e)]
ViewExempt Executive Service [Rule 6]
ViewIntergovernmental Transfer [Rule 11.8]
ViewMerit Increases During Provisional and Temporary Appointments
ViewNew Job Classes [Rule 7.5]
ViewNew Positions [Rule 7.5]
ViewNon-Promotional Appointments [Rule 11.6(a)(2)]
ViewPolitical to Classified Appointments
ViewPosition Regrade
ViewPremium Pay
ViewProvisional Appointments [Rule 11.3(a)]
ViewReclassification of Position [Rule 7.7]
ViewReclassification of Position, Grade Reduction or Same Grade [Rule 7.7]
ViewReduction in Force [Rule 11.12]
ViewRefill A Vacancy
ViewRollback to Previous Position [Rule 11.6(b)]
ViewSeasonal Appointments
ViewSeniority Dates
ViewStep Increases [Rule 8.2(c)]
ViewTemporary Appointments [Rule 11.3]
ViewTransfer [Rule 11.10]

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