Three Member Board

Place 1

L. Kenneth Moore
Chair/Bessemer Cutoff District
Term Expires October 2027

Place 2

Jacqueline C. Smoke
Associate Member/Bessemer Cutoff District
Term Expires October 2029

Place 3

Donna Smith
Associate Member/Birmingham District
Term Expires October 2025

About The Board

The 3-Member Board is appointed by the Citizens Supervisory Commission for staggered six-year terms (except when filling unexpired terms of previous place holders). Place No. 1 serves as the Chairperson. The Board members are selected from the geographic divisions represented by the Birmingham Circuit Court and by the Bessemer Cutoff Circuit Court, with no more than two representing either geographic division. See Section 3 of the Enabling Act of the State of Alabama for more details regarding the appointment of the 3-Member Board.

The 3-Member Board meets at least once each month in the Hearing Room located on the 2nd Floor of the 2121 Building. Consult Public Notices for dates and times of meetings or for location changes.

Correspondence for the 3-member Board may be directed to:

Personnel Board of Jefferson County
ATTENTION: Three-Member Board
2121 Reverend Abraham Woods, Jr. Blvd.
Birmingham, AL 35203

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