Performance Appraisals

As indicated in Personnel Board Rule 14.1, performance appraisal should be conducted no less than annually. The performance appraisal ratings should reflect the performance of Classified Employees within their assigned job. To conduct a performance appraisal using the Personnel Board’s “paper and pencil” appraisal form, you should use the forms provided below. Interim appraisals (e.g., 3-month, 6-month, 9-month) may be completed using the same forms as provided, simply indicate the interim period covered on the Appraisal Cover Form. If your agency is utilizing Workday to conduct performance appraisals, then you should not use these forms and, instead, should complete the appraisal when received through Workday. If you agency is not yest using Workday for performance appraisals, then for each employee, you should:

  1. Complete a Performance Appraisal Form
  2. Select the Performance Appraisal Statements form from the drop-down menu for the employee’s job class. Please note that the jobs are listed in order of job code. If you do not know the job code, then you can find it by accessing the job description here.
  3. If there are additional job responsibilities performed by the employee that are not covered by the Appraisal Statements Form, then you can add additional responsibilities using the Additional Responsibilities Form and attaching it to the Performance Appraisal Statements form.
     All completed forms should be submitted to the Personnel Board in the manner indicated on the Performance Appraisal Cover Form

Appraisal Forms

Select the appropriate job title to generate appraisal statements

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